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The Attack of Restlessness on Obama by John McCain

Less than three weeks before the United States elections, supporters of Republican Presidential candidate John McCain is raising the doubtson Barack Obama. They are linking him to William Ayers, a terrorist who is also the founder of Weather Underground. They say that Obama's political career was launched in the living room with Ayers and another member of the group. Does it really matter? Did Obama agreed to what they are planning?

The Republicans are at it again. Later this week they will be releasing anew video which ends with a new slogan, a variation of one Republicans have used in the past: “Barack Obama: Career First. Country Second.” The slogan is likely to be used again, officials say. The video flashes garish lettering like “WANTED BY FBI” and “DON’T REGRET SETTING BOMBS.”

Another group called American Issue Project is also taking on the smear campaign against Obama and has even released a series of videos criticizing Obama. Some commenter even linked Obama to the Nostradamus prophecy, that someone of a Muslim descent will bring down America. But the fact is most of Nostradamus recent prophecies had not come true.

Know Enough? by American Issue Project

Will people believe in accusations that seems too late to come and at a time when McCain is loosing? Which do we believe someone trying to tell this when he is loosing? It seems to be a cry of desperation.

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maria said...

i'm really just sick and tired of people commenting on the US election as if they're actually here or know everything about the issues. a lot of filipinos are rooting for obama just because of his oratory skill and his celebrity status. i don't have anything against him or mccain but be real, unless you've actually studied everything those two are about, just stay away from it.

Shen said...

I have the right to make a comment and to write about it. I do not go for Obama just because of his celebrity status or because of his oratory skills... I am just stating facts and reasons based on what I have researched and know. I like Obama because he is pro-environment. I may not like him because he is pro-abortion.

The thing is the accusations of McCain and some other tactics are desperate moves. When he selected Sarah Palin it was even a move of confidence.

People have the right to comment and say things responsibly and it is my right to do that... so I hope you understand that.