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Relaxing Sunday: Bloopers on Chinese English Signs

Here are some signs which really make me blast into laughter. Since it is Sunday, I am sharing you these signs hoping that well you will have a healthy smile this Sunday. This is posted in no means to insult the Chinese and the thing is these are just for laughs. If there is something to be learned out of this it is the fact that English is also a very complicated language and a single misspelled word can mean very different.

Don't ever go to this spa or else you might lose your foot

This is the most dangerous place in all of China

Only in China will you be welcomed for coming so I think you should be happy about this.

A technological breakthrough... a machine which breaks your personal data

A place for the likes of Frodo

Smoked human abounds this building

When it's Made in China it should be kept away from children

The grass are sleeping...

In this lake many children had died... NOT!

Never ever dial that number!

The world seems to be becoming a more dangerous place to live in.

So if want to get hurt just press the glass.

If you are still existing just push it out

Is this a bottled water? It seems that it is more of a canned water to me.

In a place like this and considering Climate Change

Just making sure

Be careful when you do a headbang because you might get hurt.

Ladies and gentlemen this is the place to meet Chinese products

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