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New FEU Scandal Video

Just last week, the internet is shocked by the release of seemingly tons of videos by Micaela Caballero Baldos.  Until now, we do not know as to who started the distribution of all these videos.  Just this week the new FEU scandal video steals the limelight and it was just as shocking as the Michaela Baldos scandal.

New FEU Scandal Video

The video contains a couple who knowingly took the video in order to record their intimate moment.  The content of the FEU scandal video was a bit unusual for straight couples since the video shows the girl rimming her partner.  The girl in the video was identified as allegedly Crislyn Villanueva

This new FEU scandal video immediately went online and it was a big hit with hundreds and thousands of comments relating to them.  As to who distributed the video, well like what happened to the Michaela Caballero Baldos video it was not known.

Lesson from the new FEU Scandal Video

First of all, it was such a bad taste to name a video title from the school of those in the video.  The school has nothing to do with such scandals.  Michaella Baldos video was also named as a UST scandal video.  Second, videotaping your intimate moment is not bad but making it secure should be a priority.

When you took such lewd videos be sure that you encrypted your phone properly and you will store the video in a safe place.  Videos like the new FEU scandal video can hurt you if that is revealed since thousands of people will see it.

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