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Michaela Baldos Scandal Video Update

We have featured one of the most controversial and trending issue this week which is the Michaela Caballero Baldos Scandal Video.  We never found out who she really was but we hope that she will eventually get over it.  Now here is an update on her video scandal.

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Michaela Caballero Baldos Video Scandal Was Not Spread by Boyfriend

According to a recent post which allegedly came from the boyfriend of Michaela Baldos, the videos were not spread by her boyfriend. In fact they are still going strong and will continue to be even after everything.

Michaela and her family will file cases at the NBI's Cybercrime Division to find out who did the humiliating act.  Here is a screenshot of the post from this site.

Xian Gaza's Open Letter to Micahela Baldos

Regarding the open letter of one Xian Gaza to Michaela Baldos which was being slammed by netizens, out take is that it is unfair for Xian.  I think the person had just been honest and not a hypocrite like what other people are doing.

Humans will be humans and we will all be curious about the videos.  Those who are males will also have an instinct and urge to see the videos and most of the time to pleasure themselves while watching it.  That is human nature and morality is not an issue here.

I have read the comments that was made about Xian's post and I would say this is really unfair.  In fact Xian encouraged Michaela that even if people see the videos it will not mean that all of them will belittle and find her a slit.  I for one never think that she is a slut after all she is doing it for love and intimacy sake.

Check this link to get a look at Michaela Caballero Baldos Video Scandal.

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