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Entertainment Monday: Songs of Peace, Harmony and Nature

The power of a song is great and immense and I can be a testimony to that because two songs save my life. Hero by Mariah Carey and The Greatest Love of All were the two songs that prevented me from committing suicide back when I was young. That is why for today I would like to salute singers who are making a difference in their own way and who are change makers.

Here are some of the artists and let us start with Miko Pepito's Miko Bayang Magiling

Another group is BITAW or Being Inspired Through Active Wonder which is a group of artists and musicians who wants to make a difference and do more than just helping themselves and more than singing and doing art.

Truly the power of the arts through music, poetry and painting is really powerful. Here is another inspiring song from Noel Cabangon. He is not only a musician but someone who advocates for genuine reform and nationalism.

Another artist which is to be admired for his songs of advocacy and change would be Gary Granada. Here is Gary Granada with his song Bahay or House.

Let me end this presentation of some examples of musicians who made a change to the view of music from just entertainment to something which advocates to the true nature of the human spirit. The human spirit of compassion, love and aspiration for a better life and for unity.

Laya by Nityalila

Karaniwang Tao by Joey Ayala

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