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Christine Lee Silawan: A Case of Ritual Murder?

I had never before seen anything like this in the Philippines.  It was like an episode of Hannibal or something that is seen in an episode of Dexter.  From the moment I saw the news, I do not believe that this is a simple case of rape-slay.  Christine Lee Silawan, the Cebu teenager who was found dead could really be a case of ritual murder.

The Purpose of Killing Christine Lee Silawan

What is the main purpose of killing 16-year old Christine Lee Silawan?  Was it to rape here? Was it drugs? or was it something else?

According to recent reports, we can summarize the following:
  • there are no fresh lacerations on the genitalia that might indicate she was raped.
  • it was done by someone very professional and meticulous
  • The girl bore 30 stab wounds  – 20 in the body, 9 in both arms and one in the middle of her neck.
  • The perpetrators also took out the anterior or front part of her neck and extracted the trachea, tongue, esophagus, right neck muscle and right ear.
  • The one that maintains her head intact was her spine.
  • All the cuts were very precise.
The murder victim was connected to the church and in some way, this can have a connection to the murder but there is one very big purpose which I am seeing here.
The murder was done to instill a significant amount of fear to everyone.  Enough fear to set a very big call for the restoration of the death penalty.
This is no ordinary murder.

Who is the suspect?

If we will try to visualize the suspect as something like the usual then we might just be fooled into accepting anyone that will be presented.  The suspect in this killing is very professional and in fact, he can just be a doctor or an expert butcher.  He can also be someone who has a high interest in the works of Hannibal with the seeming similarity to the setup.

Judge Davis Design in Hannibal.  Judge Davies is the judge who hosts the court accusing Will Graham and rejects Hannibal Lecter's defense on Will. This leads to his own demise.

In Hannibal,  the usual victim is left out in the open for everyone to see.  In every murder, there will always be some intricate design and missing parts of the body.  If Hannibal Lecter is a real person then we can easily say that he is the culprit in this murder.

What do you think?  What is the reason behind this crime and who is the suspect/s?


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