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What is the Real Cause of the Manila Water Crisis?

What is the real cause of the Manila Water Crisis?  Many are blaming that it has something to do about not fast-tracking the new water source or the Kaliwa Dam which will be built under China Loans and by Chinese contractors.  But is this the real solution?  It seems there is something else.

What is Causing the Manila Water Crisis?

According to a post on Facebook by a certain, Myles Jamito, a post by the  Chief Regulator of MWSS reveals something new and unheard of.  It was a status update on the current water crisis with numbers and percentages and other technical stuff explaining why there’s a shortage of water for Manila Water customers.

Things were good and believable until a certain Angel Salazar who is allegedly a veteran MWSS former employee started posting comments.  She stated what she says is the real cause of the shortage and the quick solution.

What is the Solution to the Manila Water Crisis?

Myles Jamito took screenshots of the conversation just in case the Chief Regulator removes his post. Here’s the link if you want to read the entire thread:


It seems there is a bypass system which is closed out due to certain reasons and by opening that Bypass all the woes of the people will be gone.  Here is the post and the screenshots.

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