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What is LO Social Bot and Why Loan Originators Should Use It?

Social media is one of the greatest tools that a Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) could use to reach out to potential homebuyers.  It is cost effective and has a potentially wide audience and reach.  The main problem is how can busy MLOs dedicate time for social media marketing?  Let us introduce you to LO SOCIALBOT.

Introducing LO Socialbot

LO Socialbot provides social media content and tools that will make you a social media success with zero effort.  It will help you as a loan officer provide live mortgage information and cool real estate news to your target homebuyers.

This tool automatically posts to your social media according to your schedule.  You determine what is necessary and what you want to share and then LO Socialbot does the rest.

Among the resources that they provide include:
  • Branded Videos
  • Auto Blog
  • Posting Scheduler
  • Content Library
  • Lead Pages
  • EBooks

Review of LO Socialbot

As a blogger and someone who provides digital marketing services for a United States mortgage company, I find LO Socialbot very helpful.  It automatically posts current real estate news and market info to all the designated social media according to my chosen schedule. 

Furthermore, LO Socialbot automatically does everything that Loan Officers should be doing with their social media. Better yet, the post takes the visitor to a branded web page, free of third-party advertising while keeping the focus on the loan officer. Not only does it help build and maintain your online presence, but it also helps you engage leads and nourish existing pipelines of referrals. 

I am giving this tool a 5/5 when it comes to usefulness, although I say that for the videos it needs more moving videos rather than still photos.

The Reason why LOs Love LO SocialBot 

 Having timely, relevant and 100% compliant content is very difficult but with LO Socialbot is resolves the issue.  The content never discusses mortgage rates, only current events that are affecting mortgage rates and why.  Also, there is fun stuff too.

The best part about LO Socialbot is that you can gain leads from social media with minimal effort. No more fiddling around trying to find industry-related content.  It saves a Loan Officer from posting real estate and mortgage articles that drive visitors to a page that’s filled with competitor ads.

Want to use LO Socialbot now?

If you are interested in using this tool just send us a message at and we will send you a code.  This code will allow you to get a "forever" discount after your $1 30-Day Trial.

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