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Japanese National Yasushi Yoshimo needs help to get home

Yasushi Yoshimo, a Japanese citizen terribly needs help from the government and from his fellow Japanese citizens as well.  We have seen a photo and video of him on Facebook, which seems to denote that he had been struggling in life and is now living on the streets of Manila.

According to the post, Yasushi Yoshimo was frequenting the Ministop along Roxas Blvd. near the Japanese Embassy.  He is in bad shape and needs help.  We are wondering however if this issue had already been resolved but just in case, we are posting it here.

This is Yasushi Yoshimo. He is from Japan but currently staying here in Philippines. I already saw him last December 2017 while I was in Ministop (along Roxas Blvd near Japanese Embassy). As soon as I saw him, I approached him and asked some questions regarding his situation. He told me that "He has no place to stay with and his family already left him.” so I asked him if he has any IDs, then he showed me his passport (one of the picture below is his passport details) and that's the time when I found out that he is from Japan. To make it short, i'm asking all my friends, family, relatives, concerned citizens or those who are willing to help and find his family ASAP. Yasushi Yoshimo is in bad shape and he needs our help guys! Please help me to find his family and his way back home... May God bless us all.... PLs like and share it!
( If u want to visit Yasushi Yoshino.. hes staying near mini stop parking area..along Japanese Embassy area)

Here is the full Facebook post regarding Yasushi Yoshimo.

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