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Why Mocha Uson Should be Fired and Why Drew Olivar is a Disgrace to Bloggers?

"PEPEDEDERALISMO" was perhaps the most disgusting campaign video I had ever seen.  It is disgusting because Federalism is a serious topic and seeing it being discussed unseriously is just not funny.  I would have appreciated it if they discussed it without the script but they talked about it while reading a script.

Why Mocha Uson should be fired

Assistant PCOO Secretary Mocha Uson brings more harm than help to the government.  Sure, she does support President Duterte but what she is doing is not helpful to the administration and the country.  Her unprofessionalism is so paramount that he creates fake news, character assassinates people and brings the "tsismis' culture into a place where it does not have a place at all.

"Pepe" and "Dede" will never in any way have significance to the discussion of Federalism.  Some supporters says that it is symbolical for the birth of a new nation hence "Pepe" and nurturing of the regions hence "dede."  To that explanation, I simply say - "BULLSHIT!"

Why Drew is a disgrace to bloggers

As a blogger, I cannot believe that someone that is supposed to have ethics and a more discerning mind should agree to this.  The only thing I could think about is that because he wanted to get more hits and be more famous.

Dancing the way he does and reacting to comments the way he does gives a bad connotation to bloggers.  Most mainstream media are already seeing bloggers as second-class journalists and then here comes a person who might just be an evidence of that.

What do you think fellow Filipinos and fellow bloggers?  Did they do the right thing or do they need to have a public apology and reign from their post - Mocha at least.  I think Drew should know better being a blogger.

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