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Man buries car so that he could use it even after his death

It was a stunning and shocking site as the crowd watched a rich man in Brazil burying his expensive car.  The man decided to bury his Bentley so that he could use it even after his death. Cars like this are handcrafter in Crewe, England and are known to be a high end luxury car.  Each unit starts at a price of around $180,195.

Burying a car which are in the price range of the most wealthy is indeed confusing for everyone.  The crowd which are gathered during the funeral of his Bentley was asking for his reason.  Many of those present even other people criticized his decision.

However, the man which also delivered a speech during his Bentley car funeral was very focused and committed to what he did.

My car is not being buried.  I am doing this to raise awareness of organ donation between people.  People are condemning me because I am burying a car but you people everyday bury your hearts, lungs, kidneys etc. A lot of people are waiting for transplants of healthy organs, which could have saved their lives.
Well, personally if he is doing this to make a statement, then that is one serious commitment.  Burying a luxury car to raise an awareness is indeed laudable.

What do you think dear readers?

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