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Go to hell Obama - Duterte: WTF?

" can go to hell. Mister Obama.." 
This was simply part of the speech President Duterte delivered recently,  I admire our President Rodrigo Duterte for being strong, independent and not afraid to say what he likes.  However, it seems things had been too much or is it just his personality to speak out of the spur of the moment?  Is he really mad at Western countries because of his socialist beliefs?

The war on drugs already claimed more than 3,000 lives and still rising.  It puts red flags on human rights as well as the ability of the government to stop and determine any one who blatantly uses the campaign to push their own agenda.  This is also the concern of other countries specially the United States, the European Union and the United Nations to which President Duterte gives harsh words in reply.

“Instead of helping us, ang unang tumira itong State Department. So you can go to hell. Mister Obama, you can go to hell. EU (European Union), better choose purgatory,”  
Instead of helping us, it was the State Department who hit me. So you can go to hell. Mister Obama, you can go to hell. EU, better choose purgatory.
I admit that the US and other western countries had their own vested interest and agenda in the Philippines.  In fact, the US in particular still have to answer for their own atrocities, as well as the toxic materials left in Subic but is this the appropriate messaging?

Watch the video below to see the context of his message.

China, whom we are talking to with all enthusiasm had repeatedly violated our sovereignty, disrespect us and even sell dangerous good in our market.  In fact, most big drug lords are also from China according to reports.  If that is the case, why are we befriending them so much? Is it because they are closer and is more dangerous than other countries?

I do not like to judge our president but we would like to ask you our dear readers, WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THESE ACTIONS?  Do you agree and support this?

I just wish good luck to our President and hope for the best for the Philippines.

Reference story: ABS-CBN News

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