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What's wrong with Apocalypse Child?

Apocalypse Child Movie Review:  We are invited to be part of the VIP premiere of Sid Lucero's newest movie, Apocalypse Child.  The movie was officially released by Solar Pictures and takes on the story of Ford (Sid Lucero) and how he became the alleged child of Apocalyspe Now director, Francis Ford Coppola.  It earned positive reviews from many and personally I am asking myself what did they see that I did not see?

Apocalypse Child Movie Review

Let me give my honest review and rating for Apocalypse Child.  This review may be totally different from what others are saying and I would like to just give my own personal opinion.

CHARACTER:  10.  I would like to personally commend all the cast of this film.  They have done a pretty good job of putting artistry into what could have been a total pornography.  The acting was superb and the emotions was really felt throughout the movie.  The casts include Sid Lucero, Gwen Zamora, Ana Abad-Santos, R.K. Bagatsing ,Annicka Dolonius, and Archie Alemania.

COHERENCE:  5.  Honestly speaking the story of this film is rather vague for me.  I kept on wondering what does it desire to inform everyone.  I am excited to see how things would turn out as Ford searches for the truth about his father but instead it became a love affair of taboo level.  The film delves on many angles which personally might have been irrelevant to what the title entails about the movie.

DEPTH:  9.  I would say this movie has a very deep story.  It talks about a real life situation wherein politics, sex, surfing, drugs and lust plays in the life of a so called "sleepy town."  It explores something that normal producers and writers would not normally explore.  For most of those that have watched and reviewed the film they see the entirety of the story which talks about childhood regrets, revenge and a desire to fuck.

PLOT:  5.  This movie is rated R-16 by the MTRCB and I am wondering why.  It is also graded as A and I wonder more.  What is the good value that such a film like this impart to those who will watch it?  It shows how young girls are easily lured by older men and how your childhood friend could all of a sudden have sex with your mother, which could had sex with his father.  With no offense, for me this film is a bit sick and weird.  

The film starts with Ford and Fiona laying on the bed with her breast all exposed.  Sid Lucero also does multiple butt exposure.  Although there is no frontal nudity it gives the audience a multiple glimpse of how a man and a woman could just engage in both sex and drugs.
Who wants to get high?

If Fifty Shades of Grey was given an "R-18" rating then why is this film given an R-16 and was even graded A?  Can someone make me see the light why this is such a great film and what values can someone ever full out of this movie.

If there is a positive note to this film it would be the fact that all of us have a past that we all want to forget.  This past builds what we are now and how we view life.  Although, I still don't get it where all the fucking in the movie leads the story to.

MUSIC: 10. The music is very good.  It makes you feel the emotion of the characters more.  It is also apt to feel the actual experience of being in Baler.  Great soundtrack by the way.

Here is one emotional soundtrack that I really love.  Well, I am a fan of Up Dharma Down.

POPULARITY: 7.  Based on all the reviews, it seems Apocalypse Child will be popular.  People will be watching this out of curiosity but I hope that you will enjoy it and not get disappointed.

RECOMMENDATION:  10.  Despite my personal comments and opinion, I highly recommend that you watch Apocalypse Child.  I might have missed some point of the movie but as we all know different people have different perspective.  The movie will be showing in cinemas starting October 26.


Where to watch Apocalypse Child?

If you want to watch this movie which is RATED R16 by the MTRCB and GRADED A by the CEB check out the list of cinemas below.  Showing begins October 26..

Ayala Fairview Terraces ⋅ Century City Cinemas ⋅ Commercenter, Alabang ⋅ Eastwood Cinemas ⋅ Evia Center Vista Daang Hari ⋅ Festival Supermall Alabang ⋅ Gateway Mall ⋅ Greenhills Cinemas ⋅ Market! Market! ⋅ Power Plant Cinemas ⋅ SM Fairview ⋅ SM Manila ⋅ SM Megamall ⋅ SM North EDSA ⋅ SM Sta. Mesa ⋅ Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall ⋅ Starmall Alabang ⋅ TriNoma ⋅ Vista Mall Taguig


Gaisano Davao ⋅ SM Bacoor ⋅ Vista Mall Bataan ⋅ Vista Mall Sta. Rosa, Laguna

By the way just for your information Apocalypse Now is an actual movie which is hailed as one of the greatest movies of all time.

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