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Heneral Luna says Pasnea supports Encantadia

The requel of the most innovative, creative and original series on Philippine television, ENCANTADIA, officially airs on Monday, July 18 on GMA 7.  Heneral Luna played by John Arcilla is one of the actors wwhich is perhaps very excited to watch this series.  In fact he is willing to substitite "Punyeta" with "Pasnea".

John Arcilla during an interview at Philippine ToyCon 2016 was told to refrain from using his well-known utterance in Heneral Luna The movie.  Heneral Luna gladly obeyed and instead of using Punyeta he replaced it with Pasnea.  Everyone applauded the famous actor.

Entandaia premieres on GMA 7

I am one of those who have watched Encantadia 11 years ago.  I even foloowed it up by watching the next chapters of the story and then followed it up with Mulawin up to its movie.  I would say that the previous Encantadia would be a hard time to beat.  The main question now is will these remake have the same reception and following as the original series?

The original Encantadia unites veteran actors and actresses of that time while the cast of today I would say are young and a bit untested by time and experience.  If they can pull this off then I would have a smile on my face.  I would not like to see the image of Encantadia be tainted by a poor remake.

Before I forgot, I wonder if Imao will be as epic here as the character had been during the original series?

What to watch for in Encantadia 2016?

The costumes would be one of the most noteable improvement in this remake.  The producers have promised a lot that they have improved the costume and as well as the visual effects of the series.

Encantadia is a love story of sorts.  This was particularly played well int he original series, the question is would it play the same way this time?  Would we be touched and caught between the love of Amihan and Ibarra?

For the fans and those who have not yet watched Encantadia, we are recommending that you give this remake a chance to show its worth.  From that let us give it a new perspective and see if it really is worth watching.

How excited are you for Encantadia 2016?  Is it better for Heneral Luna to say Pasnea rather than Punyeta?  Let us know.

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