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Republican National Convention: Donald Trump is the next United States President

In all my hunch and in all my capacity to analyze things, I have the feeling that indeed Republican nominee Donald Trump will win the United States presidency this year.  During the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Rudy Guillani and Melania Trump put on a very good case for the nominee and this might be a prelude of what we will see during the campaign trail to the white house.  Would Donald Trump be good for the United States and the world?

As the Republican National Convention moves on today, the crowd is obviously thinning and the party is divided.  However, when Rudy Guillani talks about why he is supporting Donald Trump as a Republican Nominee he brought the house down.

Future First LAdy Melania Trump brings the humanity of Donald Trump.  She speaks a lot about the unseen character of her husband - a person that is caring, loyal and tough.  She said that his husband will make sure that things will get down for the benefit of the American people.

“If you want someone to fight for you and your country, I can assure you, he’s the guy," Melania Trump said. "He will never, ever give up. And most importantly, he will never, ever let you down.”

These were the the best speeches so far that we have heard today and as soon as the next speaker, Michael Flynn starts speaking the Republican National Convention floor began to empty.  Even Sen. Jonie Ernst, one of biggest rising stars in the Republican party had to be bumped out of the prime time television coverage and speak to an almost empty convention seat.

A Divided Republican Party

The Republican party is still divided.  It seems that they cannot even stay long enough to pay respect for the people that would be talking to support their candidates.  How odd can that be?  I do not know if this is the first time that the Republican National Convention tends to look as bad as it is.

I remember the time when President Barrack Obama was first nominated to be the Democratic Presidential Nominee, there are also tons of contentions and some are not supporting him as well.  Fast forward to this convention, these empty seats seems to be a lot worse.

Why Republican Nominee Donald Trump will be the next United States President?

There is a massive feeling in the United States, a feeling that had never been very strong like before.  There is a feeling among conservatives and nationalists that the United States interests had been neglected in favor of helping other countries.  There are those that feel that the United States had been very compromising in its various agreements and had been very reluctant to make a stronger stand against Russia, Iran, China and North Korea.

Donald Trump is playing the media card.  He is an expert when it comes to getting media attention but honestly he is also someone that is very dedicated.  He is an ultra-nationalist and believes that there should be a greater focus in America.  People who truly love the United States will vote for Donald Trump.

Building a wall over Mexico, the highly controversial speeches and rhetoric of Donald Trump are just for the sake of publicity.  As the election gets closer, we will truly see how they will play the cards 
and we are predicting that he will win by a very decisive margin.

"We're going to win so big, believe me," says Donald Trump very briefly during the convention.

What do you think? Do you agree?

We want to hear your opinion about Donald Trump as the next United States President,  Are you voting for him?  Why yes and why not?  The seat of power of the most powerful country in the world is at stake and that means a lot.

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