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Ma'Rosa movie review and why it's a must watch?

President Rodrigo Duterte orders the elimination of the drug menace from our society.  Drugs affects all of us even those who are not using it.  It is a disaster to society but what if some people are forced to do it due to poverty?  Brillante Ma. Mendoza's movie is a depiction of a truth most of us ignored before.  Here is a review and analysis of the movie Ma'Rosa.

In our previous article we introduced you to what Ma'Rosa is about and how its director, Brillante Ma Mendoza made the film, their challenges and others.  This time as I watch it during the premiere, I finally discover why not only Jacklyn Jose should had been awarded but the entire film.

CHARACTER:  10. They were not over acting.  The truth is it seems that they are not acting at all.  All of the characters blend in the natural surrounding.  Mendoza includes non actors in the film since it was shot at a location where even the people of the area were involved in the film.

The characters of the film acted as if they are in the real situation.  There is no pretension,  no big lines and no overpowering script.  It was all about being natural.

The cast includes:
  • Jaclyn Jose as Rosa
  • Julio Diaz as Nestor
  • Baron Geisler as Sumpay
  • Jomari Angeles as Erwin
  • Neil Ryan Sese as Olivarez
  • Mercedes Cabral as Linda
  • Andi Eigenmann as Raquel
  • Mark Anthony Fernandez as Castor
  • Felix Roco as Jackson
  • Mon Confiado as Sanchez
  • Maria Isabel Lopez as Tilde
Baron Geisler's acting had always been superb and if not his bipolarity he could really be a great actor.  It was like his true character which I think it is.  Andi Eigenmann also shines in her role here as well as Julio Diaz who seems really like an addict.

COHERENCE:  10. The film narrates a story which happens in about 2-3 days at the most.  It tells about an ordeal of what really happens to some when they were caught drug pushing.  It brings to the big screen the cases of extortion which is the answer to why it is only know that the drug trade's shady deals had been exposes.  It take a strong will to combat such corruption in the police.

DEPTH:  9.  The story does not deal with the exact effect of drugs but it gives the anwer as to why a family should never do what Ma'Rosa did.  It gives an answer to how important a family is and why it is better to live a humble life.  

The main story revolves on how certain elements of the police tries to extorts small time drug dealers.  How they abuse power and bring mockery to the law.

MUSIC: 10.  It offers a very natural music which gives you a feel of the emotion of the characters.  It is not overpowering nor was used to make you remember the music.  The music here was used as a support to give more impact to the story.

VISUAL EFFECTS: 10.   Brillante Ma Mendoza is a fan of extreme close ups.  He like to bring focus to things that he feels is very important for the audience to see.  The unorthodox angles of the camera really helps the story telling of the fim.

POPULARITY: 6/  Ma'Rosa may have won an award for Jacklyn Jose but Filipinos would prefer to watch superhero movies, or animation like Finding Dory and even the upcoming Aldub movie, "Imagine You And Me."  It is our denial to the true story of life and avoidance of being reminded about it that makes us repeat our wrong doings.  No wonder the son of a former dictator who robbed millions from our country is now a Senator and nearly got elected as Vice President.  We always deny the truth and we are so afraid to solve our problems head on.

RECOMMENDATION:  10.  I highly recommend everyone to watch this movie.  It is not your ordinary movie but I am sure that this movie will move you.  It will give you a deeper understanding perhaps of why President Duterte is really saying that he hates drugs.  The brilliance of Brillante Ma Mendoza's story telling is really revealed in this movie.


In ending this Ma'Rosa movie review, I just hope that more of us will really watch movies like this.  Films like these helps us rekindle our true morality and value.  It shows us the hard truth that we must all accept and collectively cure.

Thanks to Solar Pictures and to Brillante Ma Mendoza for bringing this film to mainstream cinemas.

Have you watched Ma'Rosa?  What do you think about it?.  

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