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Paolo Bediones will not renew contract

Veteran TV host and TV personality Paolo Bediones confirms that he will no longer renew his exclusive contract with TV 5.  This was confirmed during a recent meetup with bloggers at Punta Mandale where he is one of the co-owners.
"At some point in your life you have to explore new things," says Bediones.  he says that he would like to devout more time for his other ventures specifically businesses which includes a construction company among others.

Paolo Bediones says that he is not saying he would no longer accept shows or hosting jobs on TV as he only said that he want to be a freelancer to better manage his time.

Gameplan in 1997 was the first show that he was really commended for while he was best known for hosting Extra Challenge and Survivor Philippines.  

Paolo remains as host of some of TV 5 shows which includes Rescue 5 and Demolition Job.

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