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How to be a Superbods Nation model of Century Tuna?

Are you dreaming to become one of the country's most sought after model?  Well if you are then read on as Century Tuna Superbods gets bigger, better, and sexier as it celebrates 10 years of fitness and health.

This year will be the hottest Superbods as Century Tuna Superbods Nation 2016 starts searching for hottest healthy, fit and absolicious bodies this February.  There are tons of exciting activities that will led to the finals night on April 10, 2016 at the ultra exclusive Palace Pool Club, Century Tuna Superbods Nation 2016  promises to be the most anticipated happening this summer season—a health and fitness revolution to rock the nation! 

“As we mark a glorious decade of promoting health and fitness through our bi-annual Superbods search, which has since become a much anticipated event, we felt that it’s only proper that we raise the bar to even greater heights,” says Greg Banzon, general manager of Century Pacific Food, Inc. 

“Not only have we widened the scope and reach of our search, we will also be mounting a series of exciting events that form part of an over-all campaign for a change to a healthier lifestyle and reform in fitness across the country."

Leading the pack of Superbods are Century Tuna's very ownultimate Superbods Anne Curtis and Derek Ramsay (View their health secrets).  The two will be joining the Superbods Nation finalists on stage.

How to join the Superbods Nation search?

If you are interested to join this search here's what you have to do is attend the scheduled Superbods Nation go-sees.  Schedule of go-sees for aspiring Superbods will be held on February 9, 15, 20 and 28 at Davao City, Cebu City, Pampanga and Manila, respectively.

Century Tuna Superbods Nation Mobile App

For those who want to enjoy the Century Tuna Superbods Nation fever and also get fit like the Superbods then why not download the Century Tuna Superbods Nation mobile app.  It is an easy-to-use tool that’s designed to help users get fit and healthy while keeping abreast of the latest news on the Superbods competition.

The app is loaded with lots of features that will be in full function once you get approved.  Features includes updates on summer events and activities, join the engagements presented by Century Tuna and submit an entry to the 2016 Superbods competition.

You can also vote, follow, and share the journey of the Superbods finalists for the whole duration of the Superbods competition. The best part of using the app is you might even get a free pass to the finals and party and grab other exciting prizes.

Superbods Nation 2016 competition

Jim Saret and Chef Nadine Tengco will be one of the mentors and coaches for the competition.  They will help the Superbods finalists stay on track and in tip top shape.  Each Suberbod will join a Superbods Camp aimed at improving the over-all lifestyle and well being of the Superbods finalists. A Superbods Weekend Fitness Fair, meanwhile, allows for consumer engagement, participation, and empowerment towards the achievement of their personal fitness goals.  

“Since its inception in 2006, it has always been the vision of Century Tuna Superbods to encourage our consumers to get healthy by living right,” Gela Gamboa, Century Tuna marketing manager relates. “Which is why, this year, we’re enjoining everyone to get involved: aside from joining the search, consumers can download the app to get into the Superbods lifestyle. And then there’s the Superbods Weekend Fitness Fair at Bonifacio High Street where lots of fun activities, which they can enjoy together with celebrities and Superbods finalists, await them.” 

Wow that was indeed one hot summer that only Century Tuna Superbods Nation 2016 can provide.  Stay tuned with us, we'll give you updates as well on this exciting summer event.

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