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Why #WalangForever deserves to be the Best Picture of MMFF 2015?

Last week on the middle of the Friday traffic hell, I decided to finally watch a movie which I really do not want to watch - #WalangForever.  I was telling everyone that this movie does not deserve to even win the Best Picture of the Metro Manila Film Festival but it seems I was proven wrong.

#WalangForever tells a simple love story between Ethan played by Jericho Rosales and Mia played by Jennylyn Mercado.  They are estranged lovers after being together for 8 long years.  Mia pursued her passion to become a scriptwriter and earn her various movie hits.  All of these movies are literally based on what happened between her and Ethan.

Eto ang epic na trailer...

What made #WalangForever a movie deserving to be the Best Picture?
  • It has a very positive story line despite being a tear jerker.
  • It managed to hide the true story of the movie behind the trailer and that is why I thought that it is a comedy film.
  • The acting of Jericho and Jennylyn was superb.
  • It contains the story that we all need to understand when it comes to love.
I even think that #WalangForever is better than Popoy and Basha's story although this one does not have a happy ending.  This movie how true love really works and why despite the true circumstances on life that gives fact to "walang forever" it shows that there if forever when it comes to love.

The acting was great, the timing of the comedy scenes was perfect, the music was superb and the necessary love scenes was done in a very professional way.

It is a very realistic film that focuses on the truth that some lovers have to face in life.  It shows how someone would sacrifice so that the one he loved would be spared from long term suffering.  This is the movie that connects the formula of indie films and mainstream movies.

I highly recommend that you watch the movie and if you will prove me wrong on my observation then please tell me.

#WalangForever truly deserves to be the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival Best Picture and Jericho and Jenylun deserves to be Best Actor and Best Actress respectively.

FYI:  I have also watched Honor Thy Father and Beauty and the Bestie.

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