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Marlou of Hasht5 leaves group

Hasht5, a group of 5 previously unknown people who suddenly rose to fame because of Youtube will be having one less member as Marlou Arizala officially leaves the group.  We have only heard about this group from friends and actually most comments are quite funny.

The group is composed of Marlou Arizala, Erick Oxford Ebreo, Vincent Binocas, Jhimwel Macanlalay, and Carl Cee Jhay Eliero, all of which are from General Trias in Cavite.

What made them probably famous is their relative guts to actually call themselves a group that is having mall tours which in truth are probably stunts to gain likes and engagement in social media.  However, their stunt work and their Facebook page jumped from a meager 1,000 to more than 220,000 today.

These guys even made it to ASAP 20 and if that is not pure luck then what can you call it?  

So why would Marlou leave the group?  Well based on what we know he is doing it to further his career.  Despite previous pledge to remain "true friends" to their group he is unfortunately now a superstar.... well because of media.

Posted by Marlou S Arizala on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The news about Marlou leaving Hasht5 is confirmed via his Twitter account which by the way contains superlative self proclamations as well.  We have to admit this guy has the guts.

Now here is a glimpse of his new shoot.  Wow! Simply amazing right?

So what's your take about Hasht5 and Marlou Arizala leaving the group and eventually Marlou Arizala being back (Wow! Such a show off)?  Will they ever be the same if ever he leaves?  Share us your views.

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