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Deadpool endorses Duterte for President

This might come as a shock but Deadpool actually endorses Rodrigo Duterte for President of the Philippines.  Why on earth would Deadpool endorse Duterte?  Is this really actually true or just another satire?

Go and watch my movie tomorrow so the producers will have enough money to produce a sequel! And keep reading InqPOP! This is the most awesomesauce pop culture website on the planet! And vote for Duterte!

This answer from Ryan Reynolds came from his interview at InqPOP! during an exclusive interview with Deadpool.  He reiterated that he really likes Duterte and even endorsed him to his fans and viewers.

InqPOP! even clarified Reynods about his answer seeing that it might be one of his stunts.

InqPOP: Excuse me? Did you just say vote for… Duterte?
Deadpool: You heard me.
InqPOP: Uhh, okay… err… would you mind telling us why?

So there you go folks, Deadpool is endorsing Duterte for President but would you vote for him?

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Reference:  Modern Tribune

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