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Quick Deadpool Movie Review

I am an avid fan of X-Men since the Uncanny X-Men animated series on ABS-CBN aired way back 1995 but I am not really a fan of Deadpool.  This is the first time that I would actually see him in action and know what the character is like.  So here is my honest to goodness review of Deadpool movie.

Let me remind each reader that I have not collected all of the comics of Marvel nor of X-Men and most specially not of Deadpool,  So, I am technically not an expert on who this jerk is so do not judge my review saying that you are all knowing of why he is so bad ass and so vulgar and needs to even make us watch him relieve himself through a unicorn.  I am just an ordinary Marvel fan who likes to watch movies.

Deadpool Music

I really like the music of this movie.  It plays on very popular music which goes on at the right timing in the movie.  It actually adds not only a bit but a lot of humor in the film.  The creator of the film is very successful at blending some unlikely music.  You would really enjoy how songs like Careless Whisper, Angel of the Morning and others.  Here is the complete list of Deadpool soundtrack.
  1. Angel of the Morning – Juice Newton
  2. Maximum Effort
  3. Small Disruption
  4. Shoop – Salt-N-Pepa
  5. Twelve Bullets
  6. Man In A Red Suit
  7. Liam Neeson Nightmares
  8. Calendar Girl – Neil Sedaka
  9. The Punch Bowl
  10. Back To Life
  11. Every Time I See Her
  12. Deadpool Rap – Teamheadkick
  13. Easy Angel
  14. Scrap Yard
  15. This Place Looks Sanitary
  16. Watership Down
  17. X Gon’ Give It To Ya - DMX
  18. Going Commando
  19. Let’s Try To Kill Each Other
  20. Stupider When You Say It
  21. Four Or Five Moments
  22. A Face I Would Sit On
  23. Careless Whisper – WHAM!
Deadpool Special Effects

Actually it was very minimal but superb.  Talk about Colossus and well, I have to search the name of the kid with her to find out who she was, so she is  Negasonic Teenage Warhead, a teenage X-Men trainee mutant, who possesses powers to detonate atomic bursts from her body.  You will be seeing a lot of them as well in the movie.

Deadpool Character

I like the character, he is really a smart ass.  Though very vulgar and violent, he has that superhero in him and concern for love.  I do not know what really made him very aggressive and hate a lot of things though.  He also seems to have a fetish for unicorns which is quite very weird.  I would like to comment Ryan Reynolds for the great acting.

His co-stars are also really good.  Great fight with great exchange of words from Ajax and Deadpool, who is called as Francis in the movie by the way.

Deadpool Plot

The movie focuses on how Deadpool became Deadpool and his pursuit of the people who made him look very ugly.  It is also about his quest to fight cancer and create a happy ever after with the one he loved.  Very simple but effective plot.

The Cons of the Movie

The movie is R16 which is very surprising, comparing with an R18 movie like Fifty Shades of Grey I am really surprised.  A lot of vulgarity and violence with some nudity as well.  This could have been an R18 if not the fact that the MTRCB reviewers might have a bias with popular Marvel movies.

Not recommended for your children and for kids really.

Here is my score for Deadpool movie:
  • Music: 10
  • Cinematic Quality and Special Effects:  8
  • Character: 10
  • Plot:  9
  • Popularity: 10
  • Recommendation: 8
  • Overall Rating: 92/100
Deadpool 2, The Sequel

Do not leave just yet after the movie since there is an after credits which reveals the sequel to Deadpool.  He talks really about Cable and a lot of time travel.  Perhaps Deadpool 2 will be about him being in X-Force and about the story of Genosha or perhaps about Hope and how the last of the mutants needs to survive.

If there is one thing for sure the making of Deadpool 2 is already in the works and confirmed already.

What can you say about Deadpool movie?  Want to hear your views as well.

Enjoy this cooler trailer of Deadpool before you leave.

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