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ABS-CBN Kampanya Serye uses video coverage of Solar Pictures event in bad taste

I was really surprised to see myself and other bloggers in a news report by TV Patrol of ABS-CBN.  I was more surprised to see the coverage video for Spotlight by Solar Pictures being used for the segment Kampanya Serye.  I was asking myself, why would that event be related in any way to politics?

After being told by my blogger friend that I was on TV, I checked out the replay of TV Patrol at for February 11 and checked out Part 4.  The topic was all about party lists groups and at 6:34 you can see the coverage of bloggers entering the premiere of the movie Spotlight released by Solar Pictures.

Gigi Grande who was the one reporting said...

"Film industry rin ang nakikinabang sa isa pang batas (RA 9640 Lowers Amusement Taxes from 30% to 10%) na co-authored ng Buhay noong nakaraang Kongreso.  Kasama sa film industry nito ang Solar Entertainment na pagmamay-ari ng mga kamag-anak ni Cong. Cheng." 
(The film industry is the one that benefited from RA 9640 which is co-authored by Buhay party list representative Cheng whose kins are owners of Solar Pictures)

How can journalistic ethics allow someone to use a coverage from a very different event for an opinionated segment like this?  This is really news reporting in bad taste.  Those in the footage were not even informed that they will be part of a news topic that is way out of what the video coverage was supposed to be used for.

Plus instead of focusing on the positive side of the law they focused on a very negative and biased news reporting.

What do you think about this?  We are really disappointed.

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