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Movie Review: Relative Happiness

Most of the time really good movies are missed by the public because of our own biases to superheroes, superb effects and popular stars.  Relative Happiness is one of the movies which deserves the attention of the public since it is something that we can get something very relevant in life.

There are a lot of plus-sized women out there as well as women who feel that they are not right for love because there is something wrong with their looks.  They end up being happy go lucky and just go with the flow and make out with anyone that is available.

Relative Happiness revolves around the story of 30-year old Lexie Ivy plated by Melissa Bergland who falls in love, believes it is love, discovered the sad truth, goes into frustration and despair and in the end might just get what she deserves - real happiness.

Relative Happiness Synopsis:  Plus–sized and 30 years old, LEXIE IVY is a feisty bed & breakfast owner who desperately needs a date to her sister’s wedding. In small town Nova Scotia, that’s no easy task, especially when the most eligible bachelor is JOSS, the rough handyman fixing her roof. When ADRIAN, a handsome and charming guest, arrives and seems to take an interest in Lexie, she thinks all her problems are solved. But she misreads the situation and is soon reeling, believing her romantic dream has slipped away, maybe forever. Lexie then needs to open her heart and eyes to see that love may be a lot closer than she thought.

My Review of Relative Happiness

It is a very good romantic comedy which will brings the natural smile and laughter in you.  Well, we usually laugh at people who are frustrated with their sizes anyway.  Melissa Bergland delivers the character very well and make the role look very natural.

Lesley Crewe's novel which is the basis for this movie had been given due justice/  The movie teaches us lots of lessons including the ability to see beyond the physical and perceived appearance of people.  It also says a lot about the value of family over the trials that we encounter in life.  Sometimes, fighting for what is right is not always the right choice because togetherness will still be better than anything else.

Let's proceed to how I score Relative Happiness.
  • Music: 8
  • Character: 10
  • Plot:  10
  • Popularity: 5
  • Recommendation: 10
  • Overall Rating: 86/100

How does the lead actress felt about herself and her role?

"I don't look like Scarlett Johansson or Charlize Theron', she told the Daily Telegraph. 'It is everything about me and [my Winners & Losers character] Jenny, being weird and funny looking that makes her really lovable and people respond to her really well," says Bergland.

Melissa Bergland is part of the 2nd Avenue series “Winners & Losers” (from Seven Networks) where she plays the character of plus-sized ‘Jenny Gross.  Recently she just signed under major management outfit Untitled Entertainment back in 2013. This L.A. based company represents superstars such as Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, Hilary Swank, Daniel Day-Lewis, Naomi Watts, Jared Leto, Penelope Cruz and Simon Baker.

Relative Happiness is showing in theaters beginning December 9.  Aaron Poole, and Johnathan Sousa are also part of the cast as Lexy's love interests.  The film is directed by Deanne Foley.

What do you think of the movie?  Have you watched it?  Share us your thoughts.

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