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Ito Ang Tamang Panahon - Free and Confidential HIV Testing Day

We all want to know our health status and be prepared for anything.  One of the most fearsome perhaps is to know that we have HIV-AIDS but would it be better if we will know it earlier?  Love Yourself Inc. (for the Youth & LGBT-MSM) will be conducting a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL HIV TESTING DAY on November 29, 2015 and everyone is invited.
The Free HIV Screening will be held at Victoria Court North EDSA on November 29, 2015 Sunday from 10AM to 7PM.  All you have to do is REGISTER for a slot so that you will be assured of being accommodated.

If this is your first time to do an HIV Sreening fear not because there is actually nothing to be feared about.  Check out the guides below:

1.  If you want to know how to get to Victoria Court North EDSA just check this helpful location guide.

2.  What will you do and expect during the free HIV screening day?  Find out here.

3.  How can you prepare yourself for your first HIV screening?  Check out this link.

There is nothing wrong about going to an HIV testing, what is wrong is to deny yourself of knowing the status of your health.  If you know of a friend who you think will also benefit from this please share this article. 

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