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The Walking Dead reveals the fate of Glenn

This blog contains a bit of a SPOILER of Glenn's fate in The Walking Dead so please be advised.  I am sure that most of us had been discussing with our friends what happened to Glenn after he fell to the ground together with Nicholas.  Did he died with him or did he managed to survive somehow?  Well, now your question will be answered.
The Walking Dead episode 7 will begin from where we were left hanging in Episode 3.  Nicholas was being consumed by zombies as Glenn was underneath him.  During those time we were shocked by what happened then we asked why is Glenn not in Talking Dead?  Well here is the answer....

GLENN IS ALIVE1  Yes, he is alive and somehow he managed to slid into a nearby dumpster and evade the walkers.  After the zombies had left after a day he decided to go out and search for water and that is when someone saw him and well provided water.  Check out this Glenn The Walking Dead revelation video.

Now, let us ask you what do you think of the plot twist?  Do you think Glenn is better off dead or alive?  Were you happy?  Give us some comments and we love to hear it.

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