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BTS Run wins on The Show

Famous KPop group BTS takes home their first win on "The Show" with their new song "Run".  The boys of BTS outwin other groups like  EXID, BAP, 9MUSES, and UP10TION.  The win came as the group is on their overseas tour.

BTS Run gathered 8,951 votes compared to just 6,615 of EXID.  Here is the live announcement of the win of BTS on "The Show"

Despite not being present on the live announcement at "The Show" they shot a video to relay their thoughts if ever they win and also a solemn thank you to all their fans.  BTS performance of "Run" and "Butterfly" was also pre-recorded.

This was a historic win for BTS since it is the first win of "Run" on the final broadcast of "The Show" for 2015.  

Congratulations BTS on #Run1stWin.

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