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Marlene Aguilar, Pope Francis and the search for the real morons and idiots

While browsing Facebook last Monday, a friend of mine told me that a certain Marlene Aguilar is posting bad comments about Pope Francis in an attempt to demonize him and antagonize followers of the Catholic faith.  Marlene Aguilar?  Who is she?

Marlene Aguilar is the estranged sister of Freddie Aguilar and the mother of convicted killer Jason Ivler.  It is said that she is also in a feud with her brother after Freddie decided to turn over her position as toad manager to his girlfriend, Jovie.
Recently, Marlene Aguilar had catch the attention of everyone after posting some big accusations and harsh words against Pope Francis and Catholics.  They call them morons and idiots.  She called Pope Francis as a devil in white robe.

As much as I would like to keep silent on this I would like to simply air my view regarding this latest trending topic online.  It seems to me that Marlene Aguilar had never actually attacked the Pope before January 14 as seen on her Facebook activity.  This means that her views are not an innate view and is probably just a result of the attention given to the Pope and a probable plan to get some attention herself.  Why would he do that?

She is promoting some sort of E-books and also preserving her name and identity as someone very vocal and has an eye for issues.  She want to be seen as someone upholding the truth and what is right, however by what she did it seemed like she is not doing her research properly.

Most of the videos and links which accuses Pope Francis of certain things are actually a move by the pope to correct the previous wrongdoings of the church and make it closer to the people.  What would she eventually gain from all of this?

I think she achieved what she planned to do?  That is to lure everyone into her discussion and show the fact the religious people can hate and even post hatred in return.  She can argue that indeed these religious people are capable of just doing bad things which otherwise should not be done.  I have seen the Facebook page before it was taken down and I see a lot of obscene and very disturbing comments towards her as well.

Do you think that reacting harshly against her is the right thing to do?  Do you think this is all about an issue that we are trying to protect our faith, our belief and beloved Pope Francis?

The truth is Marlene Aguilar is probably just toying with everyone of us and laughing as she sees the thousands of people lured into her discussion.  She is provoking people and trying to grab attention to something which in fact she is just playing around.

It's sad to see people like Marlene Aguilar who would do anything just to grab attention and fame.  Indeed there is a very thin line between sanity and insanity.  She is an example of the many people which we used to call as FAME WHORES!

Have you read any of her posts?  What do you think about it?

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