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SM reaches to orphan kids through SNOWY ‘CHRISMILES’ TREAT

MARILAO, BULACAN- Children of Tahanan Mapagkalinga ni Madre Rita were ecstatic when they learned that SM City Marilao will be giving a Snowy ChriSMiles Treat for all of them.

Children raised their new toys and gifts as early Christmas cheers were given through SM City Marilao’s ChriSMiles.

“Masayang-masaya sila nung nalaman nila na makakakita at makakapaglaro sila ng snow sa SM Marilao” said Sister Eugenia Sobredilla, Directress of Tahanan Mapagkalinga ni Madre Rita.

Seven-year-old child was all smiles as she shows her snow figure.
Joy and laughter instantly filled SM City Marilao’s Snow Playground as children get to experience their first winter fun while they build snowman as well as snow figures with their colorful pails, shovels and toys.

SM City Marilao Human Resources Manager Prescila Salamat said that “ChriSMiles” is a Christmas volunteerism project spearheaded by the Human Resources Department. Its aim is to bring cheers to the less fortunate and make them smile.

“While most of us are blessed enough to have our family, these
A child gleefully plays with snow as she create snow figure with her colorful pail.
(orphan) children have lost their families to disease or accidents, and some may have never seen their parents” said SM City Marilao Human Resources Manager Prescila Salamat. “SM City Marilao Administration employees pooled their resources together to make sure that the less fortunate children have the most wonderful holiday season they deserve” Ms. Salamat added.

Apart from the winter fun experience, the children were also surprised with gifts, entertainment and Christmas party by SM Storyland.

Likewise, children also indulged in a hearty meal of spaghetti, pizza, chicken and rice with a variety of desserts that made their stomachs smile.

Truly, it was a special day for the children of Tahanan Mapagkalinga ni Madre Rita. The joy written on every child’s face was the true essence of Christmas.

 Children had a priceless escapade at the SM City Marilao snow playground.

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