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How to turn a Terrible Blogging experience into a positive learning experience

I had been a blogger since 2007 and as a blogger it was shocking to find out how a supposed to be fun event at the The Sandstorm 2014 Music Festival in San Juan Batangas turn out to be a disappointing and hellish experience for bloggers which attended the event.  The post was all over and the persons involved were screen captured with their names exposed all over the "public".  Is it the price they have to pay for what happened at the event?  Was it "real" justice and will it resolved anything?

I have read almost every post which turns out to be more of the same rant and I can't blame the bloggers that attended for they all have the right reason to be mad and disappointed.  I also am fully aware that some of those who will read this post will say that I do not have the right to say anything because I did not even attended the event.

However, I would like to say that as a member of the blogging community I have all the right to say something.  Seeing bloggers finger pointing at one another is really shocking since it is done in public and with the tool that we all love being used to do it.

This suggestion goes not only for this event but for every blogging event that would happen and would end up below the expectations of those that will attend.  I hope through this I could share something positive to the community and shed a bit of light to calm the storm.

How to turn a Terrible Blogging experience into a positive learning experience?

  • Discuss the issues in private.  
  • Set a meeting and discuss in person.  
  • Know what happened and where are the flows. 
  • Discuss it in a manner where there is a goal of learning from the experience.  A learning that would help future blogging events and the community as a whole.
  • Never take it personal.  Do not involve things which are personal to those who are involved and focus on the issue and how to resolve it.
  • Always maintain trust.  Remember that things could always go wrong and generally who would want to create an event where there would be bad experience.
  • Help people improve.  Help those who are involve to improve and not to destroy them and bring them to the ground.
  • Be open minded.  Discuss with the positive results in the end.  Always go for what will be good in the end.
We are all bloggers and I hope that bad experiences will be the time where we can all learn something from it and create a positive learning experience so that next time things will turn out for the better.

We are bloggers and with what we do we had been given great responsibility.

Thanks for reading and hope this helps.

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