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Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2 Preview

Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2014 will be one of the best festivals in the history of MMFF considering the quality of entries this year.  One of the movie to watch is Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2 by Eric Matti.  It is not only a good film but it gives a slice of information to our very rich folklore.

Most of us would think that when we say Aswang we refer to only one kind of creature however there are various classification of Aswang.  In the previous film we were introduced to "TikTik" and now we will be introduced to "Kubot"

What is a Kubot anyway?  A Kubot is a bat-like creature that resembles an umbrella with its huge, wide wings. It catches its victim by its claws and takes it home to be butchered.

Well here is the the Full Teaser of #Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2 by Erik Matti:

Tell us your opinion and initial feedback on Kubot: The Aswang Chronicles 2 based on the teaser above.

Perhaps we should also prepare for Wak-Wak: The Aswang Chronicles 3, though I am not sure if that will be the next in the series so stay tuned.

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