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Share A Story and Save the World

Everyday it had been my routine to take a look at the frontpage of newspapers from tabloids to broadsheet.  I think all of you would agree that 90% of what is printed are negative news consisting of crime, corruption and nudity.  What if we can change all of that?  What if there would be more positive news and headlines instead?

"Share a Story, Save the World," is technically something which aims to do just that.  Who of you have heard that what ever you thought it would become and whatever type of energy you emit it would affect others?  This is the reason perhaps why there are too much negativity in our society, because we are being fed negativity by the media.

Rape, scandal, corruption, killing, and things like that are the common headlines and news items.  It is seldom that we will here about something good being done or about a new invention or about something good done by an official in our country.  We had been too negative centered that perhaps we are failing to see the more positive side of life.

The gathering of Volunteers last November 8, 2014 was an eye opener for most of us.  It was an eye opener to be agents of change and to share stories of common heroes we encounter everyday.  Heroes that can be your teacher, a stranger you met that day, your co-worker, your boss and many more. You just need to share these stories and inspire others of the good things they do.

Participants of "Share A Story, Save the World" Volunteers Meetup

Bloggers who are encouraged to write more about positive news

So how can you contribute to saving the world?

  • If you experienced or witnessed an act of heroism, great or small, share the story. Let your HODD inspire people to be more mindful of the good around them and be heroes themselves.
  • Visit
  • Fill up the required forms.
  • Submit your story and let HODD share your story.
  • Share the story as well.

This is a simple way of saving the world by changing the negativity around us.

I would forever be thankful that I was allowed to participate in the Share A Story, Save the World Volunteers Meetup and meet lots of great people and also learn about their story.  I am also honored that there are also people who had been inspired by what we do.

Remember if you encounter a hero, share the story.

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