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Watch more about The Walking Dead beyond the TV series

So you think you have completed all the episodes of The Walking Dead?  So you think you got that spoiler of Beth dying at the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead Season 5?  Think again because there are more to this series than what is seen during the regular episodes.

If you do not know it yet there are The Walking Dead webisodes which are only available online.  These are short clips not shown in the regular series and on television and has a different story line from the series.

Technically there are 3 Webisode

  1. Original Webisodes (1-6)
  2. The Walking Dead, Cold Storage (1-4)
  3. The Oath (1-3)
So if you want to be fully updated do watch the Webisodes as well.

Do you think Beth is finally dead?  Will she be coming back?  Well there are also rumors that there might be a spin off The Walking Dead 2 where it will deal more about the initial stages of the epidemic and how it was tried to be contained.

For now, let us wait until February 8 for the continuation of The Walking Dead Season 5.

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