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Free HIV and AIDS testing for everyone

HIV - AIDS is still one of the most dreaded and deadly disease in the world and we do not know who has it.  One of the best way is to be informed and get tested.  It is good to learn that there will be a FREE HIV TESTING this Saturday, November 29 at Victoria Court North EDSA from 12NN to 9PM.

The Free HIV Testing is brought to you by LoveYourself in partnership with the Protect the Goal Campaign.  The event which is called Protect and Love is mainly organized to offer young men a free, confidential and private HIV testing service in a stategic and accessible location in Metro Manila.

Trained peer counselors will be present at the event to assist participants during the event and ensure that those who will be taking the Free HIV test will feel welcome, accommodated and supported.

Though I am sure that I do not have HIV I did sign up for the Free HIV testing since we are not sure if ever we have it so it is better safe than sorry.

To sign up for Protect and Love Free HIV Testing,  please go to the link below and register with your details. This will ensure that timely reminders, detailed information, as well as commuting and/or driving instructions are sent to you ahead of time.

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