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How to simplify business through SAP Business One?

 There is a growing trend to simplify business operation.  The question though is how can these business operations be really simplified when you do not even know where to go?  Let us introduce you to SAP Business One Philippines.  SAP is at the center of today’s technology revolution, developing innovations that not only help our customers run at their best, but also improve the lives of people everywhere.

What does SAP actually do?

SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software.  They help organizations of all sizes and industries combat the damaging effects of complexity, generate new opportunities for innovation and growth, and stay ahead of the competition.  SAP applications and services enable more than 263,000 customers to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and grow sustainably.

SAP helps fight complexity without compromising sophistication - simplifying the way you make decisions, execute business processes and consume technology. The upside is huge. Effectively managing complexity can increase profit margins by 25–100%.

SAP Business One Philippines is supplemented by a network of SAP Partners in the Philippines, some of them are Gold Partners or those with the highest credibility level.  But why would your business need to run simple and why use SAP Business One Philippines?

Let us share with you this interesting data:
At the end of 2009, 5% of the world’s population owned smartphones. Four years later, that figure jumped to 22%. Currently, 1.7 billion people are on social networks. Over the next three years, that audience will surpass 2.55 billion. By 2020, 5 billion people will enter the middle class and come online, while 50 billion devices will be connected to the “Internet of Things,” creating a digital network of virtually everything. And cloud computing – a $41 billion business in 2011 – will grow to a $241 billion business in that same time frame.
Though it looks simple the actuality is that it is indeed complex.  When things becomes too connected and new markets emerge, competition and business models will also adjust and these will definitely add complexity.  The key to a winning business is therefore to "run simple" and SAP Business One achieves that.

Mustard Seed Systems Corporation, a company backed by 15 years of experience in helping grow businesses is one of the key gold partners for SAP Business One Philippines.  They can probably tell you more on why you need to run your business on SAP better than I do.  One thing is for sure though SAP Business One will boost your business.

For more information on SAP Business One Philippines you can check out their page regarding SAP Business One.  You can also contact them directly just visit their contact page at

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