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Fifty Shades of Grey would not be shown in the Philippines?

Fifty Shades of Grey is no wonder one of the most controversial film that will hit the Philippines soon.  Some says it is promoting BDSM or Bondage-Domination-Slave-Master type of sexual relationship.  This type of relationship though I can say is not new to most Filipinos but still is highly regarded as a topic not to be discussed publicly.

There are already rumors circulating that Fifty Shades of Grey release in the Philippines might be postponed or eventually banned altogether due to the sensitivity of its topic.  The CBCP and other religious groups would probably go for the banning or at least delay of the release of the controversial film.

Fifty Shades of Grey is the movie adaptation of the best selling erotic novel writen by E.L. James.  It is the first of a trilogy which narrates the story of Christian Grey and her love interest.  Since the book franchise debuted globally, there have been concerns about the excessive promotion of the film, especially in morning programs.
What was the reason to ban Fifty Shades of Grey in the Philippines?

  • It talks about master and slave relationship.
  • It features some relatively unspoken public sexual behavior which uses things like "nipple clamp", "butt plug", belt and even more.
  • It features a sexual exploration that none of us would admit to be doing.
Is this immoral and indecent?  Actually it depends on how you view it.  Personally, I would say that it is not and at some point I had done such in the course of my life and still love doing it.  It adds flavor to the relationship as long as you remain in love and respect one another.  

Would you admit doing it?  Privately most of us would probably say that they did it or would like to experience it but publicly we might feel to awkward to just talk about it.

Would Fifty Shades of Grey movie be banned in the Philippines?  The answer is I do not think so.  There are too many fans that wants to see the movie that is not porn anyway.  However, the thing is fans might be disappointed as it was reported that the MTRCB had already agreed to toned down the scenes in the film.

Manila News Online recently reported that the Fifty Shades of Grey movie will indeed be toned down as an acceptance by the MTRCB of the requests from religious groups which includes Couples for Christ, Youths for Christ and Kristiyanong Totoo (True Christians).  The MTRCB howeved denied the request of CBCP to ban the movie in the Philippines. 

Observers say that a good 10 minutes or more in the movie, mostly relating to sensitive sex scenes would be cut from the film.  For fans of Fifty Shades of Grey that 10-minute cut would mean so much.

So let me ask you dear readers - DO YOU AGREE THAT FIFTY SHADES OF GREY SHOULD BE TONED DOWN?  Share your thoughts.  Personally, I don't agree.

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