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Maroon 5 Gate Crashes on Weddings in Los Angeles - And It's Awesome!

Last Tuesday - January 15, 2015 - While people of the Philippines are busy and overwhelmed by the visit of Pope Francis, Maroon 5's new music video "Sugar" was released and viewed at YouTube and Vevo. So what's trending about this video? It's Maroon 5's wedding crasher video.

The new music video became trending online and to date, it reaches 47 Million views on YouTube. The band crashes weddings across Los Angeles and surprise different couples on their special day by serenading them with a very sweet single "Sugar." Sugar is track #5 from the band's fifth album "V". In the lyrics, Adam Levine requests a little extra love from his girl. But instead of calling it love, he calls it "sugar".

Who wouldn't love being surprise like this? What do you think about "Sugar" music video?
Written by Ranne of Ranneveryday ヅ
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