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President Barack Obama on Hurricane (Superstorm) Sandy

President Barack Obama already cancelled campaign events in Florida and Virginia and returned to Washington to address the United States from the White House regarding Hurricane Sandy.  Obama seems to not repeat any mistakes and mishandling as what previous president George W. Bush did on handling Typhoon Kathrina.

"This is going to be a big storm," said President Obama at the briefing room in the White House Monday.  His administration officials reassured that the Federal Emergency Management Agency will be ready to aid millions of Americans who will likely be affected by Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast.

President Barack Obama is commendable on his effort to be active and hand on in this alarming storm that will surely be causing major damage to the East Coast.  The president also cancelled his trips Monday and Tuesday over Florida and Colorado and is making sure that everything is being taken care of in view of more damages to be cause by Superstorm Sandy.

Though the President is surely thinking of the fas approaching elections he could careless as the lives of millions of people are at stake and one mistake might cause an even greater catastrophe.  Here is a related news on Hurricane Sandy.

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