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US ELECTIONS 2012: The most tight US Elections Ever - Obama vs Romney

Dday for the presidential candidates in the United States elections happening, Tuesday, November 6, 2012 is fast approaching.  Unlike elections in many countries the battle for the Presidency in the US is not who gets the most number of votes but rather who gets the necessary 270 electoral college votes which is divided per state.  Seems that President Barack Obama of the Democratic Party and Mitt Romney of the Republican Party is neck on neck with in this battle with Obama only having a 3-point advantage average on nationwide poll surveys.

Based on a CNN Poll, Obama might get 8 of the 9 battleground states which includes New Hampshire, Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Colorado with Florida going to Romney.  However, the point advantage of Obama is very low to really say that it will be the "real" reflection of voters sentiments on Tuesday's polls.

A CNN Electoral Map also shows Obama ahead 237 - 206 on the electoral college race.  Perhaps this race will be the closest election between the two parties since Al Gore and Bush.  The election and the tight race could also possibly create drama, confusion and perhaps dissatisfaction among US electorates.

The 2012 US elections could once again be decided by race.   Most white are leaning towards Republican Mitt Romney with 57% while only 40% of whites are favoring Obama.  President Obama is popular among the minorities and this might be crucial since minority votes are increasing while whites are decreasing.  Obama is also popular among the working class since he had championed their cause.

The latest Gallob Poll shows a decline in the support for Romney.  Before storm Sandy on October 28, Romney leads 51% to 46%.  The Gallob Poll on the eve of elections shows a different story with Romney still leading but now only at 495 and Obama at 48%.

So who will win the US Presidential elections?  It is a tight race for both candidates and we might be seeing the start of another historical elections.  So brace yourselves everyone.


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