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Facebook virus striking users

A seemingly real and harmless message is exploiting users in Facebook by sending private chat messages automatically from your friends. The message activates once you clicked on the link provided. Once clicked you will automatically send a message to your friends randomly.

The message says, "OMG: This girl killed herself after her FATHER posted this message on her wall:"

By the construction of the message itself, it is aimed to arouse curiosity so no doubt that many will fall prey to this ploy. The technique is to always avoid clicking on links, know your friends and ask them if they send it specially when they are unknown or unusual messages.

Another version of this message is...

WTF: This AMERICAN guy should be STONED to DEATH for doing this to his GIRLFRIEND:

Another version which you should watch out is...

It will make you reevaluate what you put on your wall after seeing this.:

As a caution we are warning Facebook users to be extremely cautious. Once affected by this it is best to change your Facebook password asap and check for any application that is unusual. Be sure to check the unusual application and remove it first before changing your password.

"Removing apps is easy in Facebook," says Rio Rosa Magpayo an IT practitioner. "To remove apps just go  to Account - Privacy Settings - (locate Apps and website at the lower left corner) Edit Settings. You're going to see a list of apps, just press remove then voila the app is removed."

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