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Cosplay group gives hope to cancer patients

When I saw, Dave start cosplaying I thought that he would only be making it a one time thing but since August 2010 things had been different. A small band of cosplayers started by three people became a group that took the extra mile to organize cosplay events for a cause and this time they want to give hope to children with cancer at the Philippine Children's Medical Center.

Naruto Cosplayers PH (NCPH) had already organized two successful events so far and this is their third. Their first event was the photoshoot at Quezon Memorial Circle in November 2010, and then their group's launching at SM City Marilao's "A Happy Green New Year" on January 2010 and now, their "Otaku: I Care."

"Otaku: I Care" is the second part of NCPH's "People Power, Cosplay Power". People Power, Cosplay Power is a photoshoot aimed to raise funds for "Otaku: I Care". It is also an alternative way to celebraye the 25th anniversary of the 1986 People Power Revolution in the Philippines. More than 80 cosplayers attended the two-day photoshoot and the group was able to raise more than 5,000 pesos.

The funds was then used to support a "Cosplay of Hope" event at the Philippine Children's Medical Center (PCMC). The group coordinated the event with the hospital's administration and invited fifty cancer patients to be participants of the program.

"Otaku: I Care" consist of games, performances and photo op for the children with cancer. Snacks was also sponsored by the group and they even gave prizes for the games. Smiles can be seen in the eyes of the patients and according to those in the hospital staff, it was quite very rare to see them from these kids who are undergoing painful chemotherapy.

"We cosplay not to impress but to express and help others," says Michael Jan Silva, Hokage or President of NCPH. Twenty-five members of the group participated in the event together with Cherrie Mae Ocampo, who serves as coordinator of the event with the hospital.

The culmination of the event was the distribution of the "Photos of Hope" in which members of the group wrote dedication of encouragement for the children. Afterwards, they were able to join hand in hand with the kids in a photo op.

Cherrie Mae Ocampo, Michael Jan Silva and David D'Angelo

"We hope that other cosplayers will be encourage by what we do. We are just doing another form of cosplaying which is cosplaying for a cause," says Dave D'Angelo, Sannin and officer of NCPH. "We do not claim that we are the only ones doing it but we hope more will do it," he added.

The event was supported by photographers Fed Dimal and Cosplay Network Philippines. Official media partner for the event was NCPH alliances Hubo Tabo Productions, Otaku Urule and Team KG also helped in the event.

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