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Tiger Woods still no.1 in “Fortunate 50”; Tiger Loses $22 Million In Endorsements

Controversial golfer Tiger Woods is still the richest athlete in America in Sports Illustrated seventh annual “Fortunate 50” 2010 list despite being criticize for the highly publicized extra marital-sex scandal. The controversies cost him millions in endorsements.

Tiger Woods
takes the top spot with $90 million followed by fellow golfer Phil Mickelson with $61 million. Tiger's endorsement income fell by about $22 million, from $92,000,000 last year to $70,000,00 this year.

Floyd "Pretty Boy" Mayweather Jr. landed in the third spot with $60,250,000, a million short against Mickelson,.The  image of  Mayweather failed to attract endorsement and he only earned $250,000 last year. .He continuously avoiding the mega money fight with Manny Pacquiao.

The list is consists of 50 highest-earning American athletes, based on salary, winnings, endorsements and appearance fees.

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