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Pamela Anderson Is Not A Credible Model for PETA

Sexy star Pamela Anderson had become the latest celebrity to pose for PETA in support of animal rights. Pamela Anderson appears in a photo were she shows her body in an image which divides her body into the same parts as animals and humans. However, Pamela Anderson is also the guest on the opening of New York City’s new Prime 333 Steakhouse and Sapphire strip club. Strange? Yes, but also true.

We are not referring to PETA or the PETA Ad by the word "Hypocrite" but to actress Pamela Anderson. Pamela Anderson helped in opening the Steakhouse but that's not all she also opened here blouse and show her own body parts to the guests at the opening night. Yes, Prime 333 Steakhouse on the Upper East Side is not only a meat factory but it also is a strip club in partnership with Sapphire Gentleman's Club.

ow could someone who pose as a vegetarian and activist for animal rights and welfare be suddenly associating herself with an establishment who tramples on those rights being upheld by PETA. People are now seeing her as a hypocrite and some are even asking for PETA to remove her as a model.

Another news from OK! Magazine reveals how Pamela Anderson really should not be in PETA. In her own wedding reception last month she hosted her guests at a bar and grill which serves somewhat close to the exotic menu. Ok! Magazine narrates, "Afterward, guests dined on food from Stack restaurant and bar at the Mirage. The menu included pigs in a blanket, crunchy tuna tacos, lobster, miso black cod lettuce cups and mini donut ‘munchkin’ holes."

Sounds tasty but does it sound appropriate? You be the judge...

Special thanks goes to for their well rounded look into celebrities and famous people who deceives us.

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