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Be Part of History: It's YouTube 3 Days' Life In A Day

YouTube 3 Days Revealed - Many had been confused, surprised and very curious about the icon "YouTube 3 Days" which suddenly appeared on the left hand corner of YouTube. The search for YouTube 3 days had spiked and reached the top, and now we share with you the reason behind YouTube 3 Days and it involves you. You could be part of it.

Ridley Scott, Kevin MacDonald, the Sundance Institute, YouTube Community, and LG had partnered for one of the greatest and biggest documentary experiment today. A documentary of one single day on earth and everyone can join and submit their video.

The day is July 24, 2010 and you have 24 hours to film and shoot any part of your day which you think is interesting and cool... from the mundane and extraordinary to the normal and usual. You should be creative and hopefully make the video in high resolution. Thus on July 21, YouTube bring out the logo, "YouTube 3 Days" to alert the public and the community about this experiment.

"One World. 24 Hours. 6 Billion Perspective," says the channel of Life In A Day on YouTube and indeed if everything goes according to plan it will surely be one of the greatest, most collaborative, most diverse and powerful documentary which will surely be a worldwide phenomenon.

So do you want to be part of YouTube 3 Days "Life In A Day"? ere is your chance to be part of history of the world and of film.

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