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Noynoy Aquino and Jejomar Binay Proclaimed

The 14th Congress led by Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and House Speaker Nograles officially proclaimed President Noynoy Aquino and Jejomar Binay in a star-studded and filled Batasang Pambansa at around 3:45pm. The House of Representatives allocates 30 seats each for Noynoy and Binay in VIP row lower gallery, 60 each on second floor

Before the proclamation started, Sen. Jinggoy Estrada request for a motion of parliamentary inquiry for which he was granted. He then read the official statement of his father, former President Joseph Ejercito "Erap" Estrada conceding to President-elect Noynoy Aquino. (read related news HERE)

After Sen. Jinggoy read Erap's statemenbt a lengthy proceeding and barrage of talks from Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri, Rep. Arthur Defensor, Sen. Nene Pimentel and Rep. Neptali Gonzales III followed. All of the speakers included in their speeches particularly in Zubiri and Pimentel that there are indeed irregularities in the election but concluded that, "these are not enough to derail the proclamation of Aquino and Binay."

Jejomar Binay was first proclaimed by Sen. President Enrile and Speaker Nograles. Binay was accompanied by his entire family. Noynoy Aquino was then proclaimed after with less family members than Binay.

During the proclamation Sen Chiz Escudero tells Ces that Aquino's shoe still had a price tag. This is perhaps one of the hilarious moments of the proclamation and would not have been seen by everyone.

For his sponsorship speech Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri reiterated that, "the legitimacy or illegitimacy rests on the credibility of the electoral exercise," referring to the anomalies found during the May 10 elections. He then ends his sponsorship speech declaring the approval of the senate of the proclamation of Noynoy and Binay saying 278 COCs had been canvassed with Aquino garnering 15, 208,670 votes and having a lead of 5,720,841 from his closes rival.

The most boring speaker during the proclamation was Rep. Arthur Defensor who made a long and slow speech. Those watching the GMA 7 live stream was pissed off while those in Congress are already yawning and some are even half asleep.

"Hail to the chief and blessed be his vice!" says Pimentel as he starts his speech. Sen. Nene Pimentel then enumerates frauds discovered during the canvassing particularly that from Antipolo and said that there are only 6 machines analyzed and the hash code of those machines were not official.

There was even a part of his speech where he attached Sen. Mar Roxas. This came not as a surprise because Sen. Pimentel and Vice President-elect Jojo Binay both belong to PDP-Laban

The proclamation ended at around 4:00 pm as the gabble of Senate President Enrile and House Speaker Nograles was heard on the halls of Congress.

We would like to send our congratulations to President Noynoy Aquino and Vice President Jejomar Binay!

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