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President Noynoy Aquino Holds Press Conference Says He is Not Perfect

"I do not possess perfect knowledge all the time but we are focused to do what is best for the people all the time."  This was perhaps one of the most remarkable things newly proclaimed President Noynoy Aquino said during his first press conference as the incoming president of the Philippines.

Aquino answers to various questions from the press including the issue about the nearly 5,000 appointments he have to make as President, his stand on the Freedom of Information Bill and others.

One of the first question asked by the press was regarding his Vice President Jejomar Binay and his running mate, Mar Roxas. The press asked if he had a chance to talk to Binay and Mar. Noynoy said that he was not able to talk to Binay during the proclamation, as regards Mar Roxas they have not talked since last week. Aquino said that Roxas is out of town but they are in constant communication.

Mar Roxas is filing an election complaint and protest against Vice President Jejomar Binay but for the meantime however, they are accumulating evidences to support this protest.

"We will try to get the best people for all this appointed positions," says Aquino when he was asked about the nearly 5,000 appointments he had to make as president. He also added that he will ask all of those previously appointed to allow him free hand in choosing who to appoint.

Noynoy Aquino was also asked if he will certify the Freedom of Information Bill as urgent once he assumes the presidency and to this he said that it has to undergo a process of determining the merits. He says that before a bill is certified as urgent it still has to undergo a process.

Noynoy Aquino's first official act as President will be to convene his official cabinet and give them the marching orders. "Go to your respective departments and find out the state of the nation through their respective cabinets," says Aquino.

It seems supporters of the Reproductive Health Bill will not be getting the support of Aquino. "I advocate responsible parenthood and believes that the state has no right to impose regrding family planning," says Aquino.

He said that he will be making a revamp on TESDA and propose to closely have it tied up with the Department of Education. Regarding economic problems Noynoy Aquino said that before anything could be done statistics should be cleared and clarified because many statistics are not clear.

"I've inherited a budget crisis - pproj 400 billion deficit - contrary to adversaries' propaganda," he said referring to the ads being featured by the outgoing President on print, radio and television.

Noynoy Aquino says that he will not increase taxes that would affect the people during his term and even says, "I am opposed to regressive taxes specially to tax on text."

During the end of the Press Conference everyone was caught offhand and surprised at how Noynoy Aquino dishes out a question from a foreign correspondent asking him to repeat a previously answered question in English saying, "I am not a jukebox to keep repeating my answers."

With that remark the Press Conference ended.

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