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Nick Perlas Condemns Maguindanao Massacre

An alternative presidential candidate, Nicanor "Nick" Perlas who runs on a platform of new politics had expressed his disgust and condemnation on the Maguindanao massacre which had claimed the lives of 57 people including around 14 journalists.

Noemi Lardizabal-Dado of the Philippine Online Chronicles and Blog Watch interviewed Perlas during his talk during the Presidential Forum at the University of the Philippines College of Law.

Nick Perlas equated the incidence to the relative tolerance of government for warlords and the Ampatuan's. He said it is tolerated because of the mutual interest the Ampatuan's and President Arroyo gets from each other.

On an earlies twitter post Nick Perlas twitted, "The Maguindanao massacre is a gruesome reiminder that new politics has to address conflict as its most fundamental levels: replacing the mindset and practice of "rido" (clan revenge) with swift, honest, social and judicial justice."

It is a a real test of the Arroyo administration. It is a known fact that Ampatuan is his right hand man in southern Mindanao. It is a test of credibility. If she fails, all things associated her will go under the ground because it is clear that she has no political will to deal with this issue.

Amptuan is a known terrorist . I want to use the word terrorist. He terrorizes people because he has control of military. In fact when there are conflicts, military act on his behalf in addition to his private army.

Nick Perlas is quoted as saying

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