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Can Joseph Ejercito "Erap" Estrada Run Again as President?

Can former President Joseph Ejercito "Erap" Estrada Run Again as President? Andy Garina Matula, National Council of Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD) on Political and Social Affairs and member of Nacionalista Party Youth answers this very same question with different scenarios and considerations.

Matula focuses on the basic arguments both from those saying he can run and those saying otherwise and further elaborates it in a well constructed research paper which is a must read for everyone.

The paper is divided into four chapters which makes everyone fully aware of the issues surrounding the candidacy of former President Estrada. A very informative research paper indeed. Below it the introduction and a link to where the full text can be downloaded.

Unlike in 1998, the public is more anxious now than excited upon knowing from the media that the former President, Joseph Estrada, popularly known as Erap, is once again salivating the highest Office of the land.

There are indicators that show “running is more likely than not.” Based on his own condition, for him not to be compelled to run in 2010, is for the opposition to have a common presidential candidate is obviously impossible, through his denial that he did not promise anything1 to Cebu Archbishop, Cardinal Ricardo Vidal i.e. he [Estrada] will no longer enter politics,2 when he accepted the pardon granted by President Arroyo in October 2007. And, since he knew the fact that his ambition might be derailed due to the constitutional ban of no reelection for the President.

He commissioned his own legal study and hired the services of known legal experts like former Supreme Court Chief Justice Andres Narvasa, former Solicitor General Estelito Mendoza, including former Presidential Legal Counsel Magdangal Elma, and Rep. Rufus Rodriguez of Cagayan de Oro City, to check his eligibility and to clear any constitutional or legal impediment that might arise once he seeks the presidency again.

The said legal study boosted his claim that he is still eligible to regain the presidency. However, the legal battle on this matter will continue until the issue is resolved by the Supreme Court once elevated by the proper parties.

But for now, the author is so much challenged and inspired that I came up with this research paper that dealt with this new political scenario and I am looking forward that this simple work of mine will be a tool to enlighten my prospective readers on the constitutional issue of whether or not former President Joseph Estrada can run again as President.

This research paper is divided into three (3) chapters:

The first Chapter entitled, “Two Sides of the Corner,” discusses about the pro and cons of former President Estrada’s claim that he is still qualified to run in 2010. Taking into consideration, the different point of views of our respected and known constitutional and legal gurus. It also includes the highlights of said legal study commissioned by the former President himself.

In addition, to fully answer the main issue, the author decided to create the following relative sub-issues in order that my readers will be able to understand more the ambiguous contentions of both sides:
  • Whether the word “President” [in Section 4, paragraph 1, second sentence Article VII, 1987 Philippine Constitution] is just applicable to the “incumbent” or “all who have been elected president.”
  • Whether it is constitutionally allowed for a President who did not finish his term due to resignation, to run again.
  • Whether the clause “any reelection” means “immediate” “with gap” or “none of all;” and
  • Whether the word “reelection” is the same with “running again.”
The second Chapter entitled, “The Third Corner,” focuses on another issue that bars the former President from running again in 2010, this is due to the “whereas condition” of the pardon granted to him by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in 2007. Here, we will find out whether said “whereas condition” is still relevant and material to the issue at stake.

The third Chapter entitled, “Looking Behind It,” presents the excerpt of 1986 Constitutional Commission deliberation, particularly on this subject dated 25 July 1986. Bringing this up, will make my readers realize the intent of our Framers why they come up with this prohibition in our Constitution.

Lastly, the fourth Chapter entitled, “As I See It,” presents the author’s conclusion and recommendation on how I look at the issue and how it will be resolved.

To stress, this is a personal stand of the author and no politician, political party or interest group, that influence me to come up with this research work for the purpose of supporting their political agenda. And despite of my personal bias on the issue the author nevertheless tried to be impassive in presenting the contentions of both sides without losing its sense and recognizing the limitations of my work.

Attachments are also included as reference in order that my readers will have an actual glimpse of the document.

DOWNLOAD THE FULL DOCUMENT HERE ENTITLED, "Once You Are “In,” You Are “Out!”: An Answer to the Constitutional Issue on Whether former President Joseph Estrada Can Run Again as President?"

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Brad said...

Congressman Rufus Rodriguez is seeking re-election in his district of CDO, Cagayan de Oro, Philippines and a situation has been brought to our attention that we want to inform him of.

Rufus Rodriguez owns a rental property in CDO that he rents out to a American expatriot of questionable agendas, records and past. I highly doubt Mr. Rodriguez knows of the kind of people his house is harboring so have decided to inform both him and the internet community in hopes of enlightening the situation during this campaigning period.

The American national currently residing in the house is one Gordon Elletson who goes by Gordy and posts on many internet forums using the name TexKano. Gordon Elletson is of a deffective mental state and is a admitted child abuser and basher of the Filipino populace. Please see link below of how Gordy Elletson , using his TexKano nic, admitted to hitting Xavier Madlangbayan with a cane and then proceeding to call the boys grandfather, Dr. Severino Madlangbayan,(who is seeking a city council seat in Iligan City) a banana eating monkey. Is this kind of elitest American truly the sort of expatriot that a elected Congressman wants to be connected to? Well Gordon Elletson seems to think the congressman loves him and will washover any mess he gets himself into. I find it hard to believe a elected congressman will forsake his constituents , who elected him, in a effort to protect a abusive foreign national.

The second expatriot, now deceased, is one Randall Chester Goings who goes by Bubba and posted on net under nic Bubbabobbaker. This fellow had a lengthy criminal record which included multiple drug charges. Randall Goings was brought to the Philippines by Gordon Elletson where he lived , together with Gordy, in the proprty owned by Congressman Rufus Rodriguez of CDO, Cagayan de Oro. This property is located on 69 bong bongon street CDO and even before Randall Goings moved to such property he was allready posting perverted things all over the internet. One example of his perversions took place on a internet dating site where he searched for a 4' tall bi-sexual and stated in his ad "the smaller you are the more I will love you". Evan smaller than 4'? Yikes, Was he looking for a dwarf or a underaged girl?

Anyway, I hope this message reaches Congressman Rodriguez and he can see below link for proofs regarding the accutations of the kind of expatriot he is harboring and who states the Congressman is protecting him. I feel the congressman has the right to know the facts in below link.

David D'Angelo said...

I have posted a story about this at my other blog. Here is the link

jimbo said...

Below is a email that Gordon Elletson , of Cagayan de Oro Philippines, sent Mike. This email is very interesting as in it Gordon Elletson admitts to bathing with a small child. This is obviously disturbing seeing how Gordon Elletson has no children in the Philippines though he does have a few in America that he was a deadbeat father to.

Gordon Elletson will most likely state that that his wife watches hi bath with small children but then that will bring his wifes morals into question as what kind of self respected Filipina would allow her elderly white husband to bath with small children? Can we say enabler?


——— Forwarded message ———-
From: TexKano
Date: Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 6:34 PM
Subject: Re: My shit’s fucked up
To: Mike Roy

Been there, done that.
That shift changing is fuckin’ up your sleep habits.
Fucked up sleep habits lead to depression.

Depression, (if you had it before the sleep pattern was messed up) is nothing to screw with.
Damn near killed me.

Take walks
Eat and drink right.
Try some chocolate once a week or so (sometimes that helps)

We know you’re there. Stay in the back if you prefer. It’s okay.

Yep, a group that on normal situations, would never happen. hahahahahaha

You take care. Write me now and then if nothing else.
I’m always here.

oooops, lil girl just said “Tito Gordy, lets take a bath”
she been doing that everyday all month

she washes my legs and my back
I get to wash her hair.
gordy dos 17dec07

ALBERTO said...

Hello Readers,

I have been reading on the Internet about this perverted foreign national Gordon Elletson and find it greatly disturbing. One very disturbing post was on Topix as it had the victims , Xavier Madlangbayan, own mother Margie Madlangbayan stating in no uncertain terms that this predator has caused her son a great amount of psychological distress as the victim now worries that the foreign predator , Gordon Elletson, will hit him again. I honestly hope that the victims grandfather Dr. Severino Madlangbayan will take time out of his political campaigning to bring his grandsons abuser to justice. I think he is doing a admiral thing in seeking a city council seat in Iligan City but I hope he also has not given up on bringing his grandsons abuser to justice.

Below is a cut and pasted posting written by the victims mother, Margie Madlangbayan of Iligan City Philippines:


“PNP here in Iligan failed to deliver the subpoenas to our door for the three consecutive times they were supposed to.
this is what the Prosecutor’s office is using to re-open the case.there is no “due process of law.”
both my parents and i were present in the hearing last nov.20.and so was xavier.gordon was absent.his lawyer was there vying and fighting,as he is paid to do,but assistant prosecutor Sandra fought with her tooth and nail.we are still waiting for the resolution to arrive.i sent a text to Fiscal Macauyag,there is no resolution yet.
the judge looked at my kid and probably saw his own grand child,just a bigger version for doy is a big boy,he was even mistaken by gordon as being 12years old,but when the incident happened,he was just 7years old,and that was last year.
he kept asking
“mommy,is Gordon going to be there?what if he hits me again?”
i told him:
“Xavier,he will pay for what he did.He will never put his hands on you again,over my dead body.”
i know i haven’t posted much updated,thus the question why i have been so quiet… but trust me people,i haven’t forgotten what that man did to my son.i’m just being silent.watching.waiting.if the case doesn’t get reopened,do not assume it is over.all this is far from has just begun”