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Barack Obama to Set Tone at COP 15

Barrack Obama will fly to Copenhagen, Denmark and set the initial tone of the COP 15 Summit on Climate Change on December 9. Obama says that the United States is ready to commit to an 18% reduction in Carbon emission within the next six to seven years and at least 80% reduction by mid century. However, the EU Ministry of Environment is suggesting a 30% minimum reduction.

Many sees this as an important step in order to reverse the view of the world on the United States as anti-environment. The U.S. had never signed the Kyoto Protocal but now is likely to adhere to the post-Kyoto agreement in Copenhagen.

Other countries might be influenced by this stance however, China who is now seen as one of the major contributors of carbon emission says that others don't have to suffer from the current state of the environment brought about by emissions that began during the start of industrialization by countries like the United States and those in Europe.

China and India are seen to block any attempts to meaningfully reduce emissions worldwide and come up with a plan to really come up with a meaningful COP 15 document.

A recent study shows that whether or not COP 15 is successful and even if all government adhere to reduce carbon emissions by 100%, the carbon in the atmosphere will reach 600ppm (parts per million) in the next 50 years and is irreversible.

However, further increase can be prevented if there will be substantial agreement at COP15.

COP 15, the United Nations Climate Change Conference happens on December 7-18 at Copenhagen, Denmark and is seen as the make or break on climate change.

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