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The Emotional Tribal Council of Survivor Philippines Palau

It was the most emotional Tribal Council in Survivor Philippines Palau, nonetheless it is also the most emotional day among the remaining 4 castaways.  After Mika was booted out, Amanda felt lost and sorry for herself but not for too long.  She regains her self confidence and talked to Jeff and entice her not to vote for her.  Jeff then talks to Charles and told him that they should vote Justine because they have no chance against her and that is where the situation gets worst.

Justine overheard the conversation and burst into an emotional breakdown.  All hell went loose as Justine yells at everyone.  I have never seen her act this way and for me personally it is very disappointing.  It is also the first time I had doubts that JUSTINE FERRER WINS SURVIVOR PHILIPPINES.

Earlies, Charles won the immunity challenge and used all her wits and strength to remain standing.  The loot was a 2 Million Peso Condo Unit which he had dreamed off.  The trick however is in order to get that dream he should give up the immunity to someone else and that is what he did later that evening.

Questions after questions and strong words after strong words the tribal council become so fueled.  Jeff was called "isip bata", immature and indecisive and in fact that is what she really is.  Charles was called evil and conniving.  Justine called Amanda evil and plastic and even added horns and tail to Amanda's name when she voted her out.

Charles decided to gave the immunity necklace to Justine.  He tried to explain it but an irritated and seemingly pissed Paulo Bediones just stopped Charles and they proceed to the voting.  It turned out that Jeff betrayed the alliance and voted for Charles.  It had become a tie between Charles and Amanda which was then decided by a challenge of firemaking.

In the end, Amanda got her sweet revenge and won over Charles.  Charles in his exit interview said that he had no bad feelings since he had already won his dream price.

So who would it be?  The next stage will be decided by the Jury as they tell what they feel in front of the 3 remaining castaways: Jeff, Justine and Amanda.

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